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Wednesday March 29 12 pm CET

Fleet Forum webinar: WHO approach to implement the new transport booking app

(The Journey)


Are you tired of receiving vehicle requests via email, whatsapp calls and messages and paper? Imagine if your programme staff could book their transport with just a few clicks. WHO has been working with their fleet system provider to simplify and automate the transport booking process.


In this 30-minute webinar, Tariq Ghazzawi, WHO Fleet Manager for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, will detail what is the Transport Booking Application, benefits experienced by the organisation, their implementation approach as well as the collaboration with partners and country offices.

April 5
Image by Stephen Tafra

Wednesday April 5 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: The impact of road traffic crashes in aid and development organisations


When a vehicle is involved we often think about the direct impact, being damage, loss of life and injuries. But it doesn’t stop there and in many cases crashes have a much larger impact. In this webinar we will share the main outcomes of the research that was conducted in 2022 by Fleet Forum. 

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Wednesday April 12 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: A business case for road safety


Investments in road safety require a good business case. You need to demonstrate how the organisation will be safer after putting resources towards road safety. In this webinar we will discuss a business case and share some tips and tricks how to develop the business case for road safety for your own organisation.

April 19
Adventure Vehicle

Wednesday April 19 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: Safeguarding: What Fleet Managers Can Do to Assess and Prevent Harm


Although we tend to consider safeguarding primarily in the light of how humanitarian staff, partners and contractors interact with our beneficiaries, and in office environments, any vehicle operated by the organisation is also a place of work where people interact.


In this session, we will discuss how safeguarding is interlinked with fleet management and what actions fleet managers should take to assess and prevent harm. 

April 26
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Wednesday April 26 12 pm CEST

Fleet forum webinar: PK Trucks: Tips & Tricks To Become a Better Driver


In this webinar, Joseph Nettey from our member pk trucks will share tips and tricks to have better drivers and create a win-win-win situation. 

May 3
Image by Ryan Porter

Wednesday May 3 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: The basics of Driver Management


Drivers are crucial to achieve your fleet management objectives. In this webinar we will look into some of the basic principles of good driver management. 

May 24
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Wednesday May 24 12 pm CEST

IOM Webinar: Building a balanced shift schedule for drivers


May 31
Image by Merakist

Wednesday May 31 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: Diverse driver teams, worth the investment or not?


Jun 7
Image by Kaleidico

Wednesday June 7 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: How to write an unforgettable fleet vision


Fleet Forum Webinar: How to write an unforgettable fleet vision


Sam Walton once said, “High expectations are the key to everything.” Most organisations have high ambitions – from saving the world from hunger to reducing the environmental impact to zero. Also for fleet it is recommended to set aggressive, creative and visionary goals that help you change the way your fleet operates and how your fleet relates to the wider world. 


Join us during this 30 minute webinar in which we will share our thoughts on the importance of ambitious goal setting. 

Image by Michael Marais

Wednesday June 14 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: Strategic session why organisations should work on sustainability


Jun 21
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Wednesday June 21 12 pm CEST

Fleet Forum Webinar: Preventative maintenance is not an after-thought


Fleet Forum Webinar: Preventative maintenance is not an after-thought


Maintaining your vehicle is important. Not only does it keep your vehicle running well and looking good, but it can also save you money in the long run. Proper maintenance also reduces crash risk as well emissions, all important reasons to set up good-quality maintenance schedules. In this webinar we will look at criteria you can use in selecting and reviewing your maintenance providers. 

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