Wednesday 14 April | 12 pm CET

No more excuses: road crashes are not ‘part and parcel’ of your operating environment! 

- with Rose van Steijn

Next month the UN celebrates Global Road Safety Week. Road traffic crashes are still a leading cause of fatalities and injuries in many countries the humanitarian fleet manager works. In this webinar we will explore the value of learning from peers when it comes to establishing a road safety culture


Wednesday 28 April | 12 pm CET

“Normal Speed meets all your needs” / Why is regulating speed in your fleet so important? With Globaltrack.

Speeding can create a lot more problems than we think and the repercussions around this create a trickle down effect. In this webinar we will look at the impact of speeding in fleet management, safe driving behaviour, speed regulation & governance as well as statistics around speeding. 


Wednesday 12 May | 12 pm CET

How to recognise drivers the right way - Nikita Udhwani

We will dig into the 4 priorities a Humanitarian fleet manager has to juggle: Programme delivery; Cost efficiency; Safety; and the Environment. Drivers impact all four of these priorities. Yet despite their critical role, drivers are often the least visible among employees.


In this 45-minute webinar, we will discuss the potential impacts of a driver recognition programme on your organisation and its activities, what to recognize, and how to do it in a cost effective yet meaningful way.


Wednesday 19 May | 12 pm CET

The importance of driver recognition and engagement in the workplace

- with Mainspring

In this Webinar we will focus on workplace recognition, meeting the Drivers basic needs, managing their expectations, the importance of soft skills and how Supervisors and Management can use various tips to improve morale, absenteeism  and increase productivity.


Wednesday 9 June | 12 pm CET

How to write an unforgettable fleet vision - With Paul Jansen

Sam Walton once said, “High expectations are the key to everything.” Most organisations have high ambitions – from saving the world from hunger to reducing the environmental impact to zero. Also for fleet it is recommended to set aggressive, creative and visionary goals that help you change the way your fleet operates and how your fleet relates to the wider world. 


In this 30 minute webinar we will share our thoughts on the importance of ambitious goal setting. 


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