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Introducing GreenMe: the go-to platform to incorporate environmental performance in country fleet management

GreenMe platform, Introducing GreenMe –  the go-to platform to incorporate environmental performance in country fleet management

In the race to meet 2030 environmental goals, aid and development organisations are stepping up, committing to substantial CO2 reductions.

The key battleground? Transport and Fleet. 


Enter GreenMe: a game-changer backed by Fleet Forum, powered by USAID/BHA, and fine-tuned with insights from 148 pilot testers across 31 humanitarian agencies. It's not just a platform; it's a catalyst for personal commitment, pushing staff to make a real impact. Let's accelerate fleet greening and turn sustainability goals into reality! 


Introducing GreenMe – your go-to online platform for transforming your fleet into an eco-friendly powerhouse!  

Ready to make a positive impact? Dive into our user-friendly platform where, by simply answering a series of questions about your current fleet profile and management practices, you'll receive personalised recommendations based on the ASI typology to boost your fleet's environmental performance. 


Discover the GreenMe features: 

  • Fleet profile and management assessment with benchmark results for your country and organisation. 

  • Practical step-by-step improvement recommendations and guidance. 

  • Notification and rewarding system, including leaderboards and points for implemented actions, to keep you motivated and engaged. 

  • Collaborate with peers through chats, topic discussions forums, and share valuable documents for mutual learning. 


Now, let's talk benefits! By joining the GreenMe programme, you'll: 

  • Reduce the demand for motorized vehicle transport. 

  • Cut down on kilometres driven by motorized vehicles. 

  • Decrease CO2 emissions and air pollutants associated with your fleet. 

  • Achieve realistic cost savings between 10% and 15%. 

  • Gain insights into your fleet's environmental performance. 

  • Foster a sense of ownership for your organisation's climate goals. 

  • Empower fleet managers to enhance their fleet's environmental performance. 

  • Identify institutional changes needed to meet environmental goals. 


Ready to revolutionise your fleet and contribute to a greener future?



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