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Medical Teams International is looking for a Fleet Coordinator in Uganda

For the growing fleet department, Medical Teams International are looking for someone to fill the newly created position of Fleet Coordinator.

This Coordinator will oversee the Medical Teams Uganda (MTI-U) countrywide fleet of vehicles, motorbikes, generators, and other motorised equipment (over 200).

The Uganda program is the largest program for MTI, and for that reason the Fleet Coordinator will work closely with our headquarters Fleet Specialist, to set policy, decide on trainings and to ensure efficient utilization of the fleet and timely maintenance and accountability in line with government and donor regulations.

The fleet is essential part of MTI’s work, as the many ambulances carry out 24/7 trips in the different settlements, where MTI runs over 60 Health Facilities, as well as referral trips to regional or capital hospitals.

The main objective is to have a smoothly run fleet operations that follows all security requirements and best practice to protect people and property involved as well as the reputation of Medical Teams International.

Further information can be found in the job description.

CV's can be sent to and copy Evaline Ogwang on email address: Her work-telephone number is +265784539952 for any enquiries



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