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The top 10 humanitarian drivers in East and Southern Africa were celebrated on December 17 in the first ever Virtual Driver Recognition Programme Finals Ceremony. 

For the fifth consecutive year, Fleet Forum facilitated the Driver Recognition Programme in East and Southern Africa. Fleet Forum set up this programme in 2015 to acknowledge the critical role that drivers play in the delivery of aid and development. 

The Award Ceremony was a spectacular success, as over 80 attendees, including former participating Drivers, Country Directors and Global Fleet Managers from several countries were in attendance. The ceremony was also attended by organisations who have never participated in the event, potentially fostering interest to participate in 2021.  


Joe Ruiz, Vice President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation, Title Sponsor of the Driver Recognition Programme, recognised all drivers who have been navigating through the many challenges of the pandemic and commended them for their commitment, dedication and engagement in this 5th Edition of the Driver Recognition Programme. 

The 2020 Fleet Forum Fleet Manager of the Year Award has been awarded to: 

Ebuka Arinze Momah of WHO Maiduguri, Nigeria.


As part of the USAID-funded Fleet Excellence Pro training he followed in April, Ebuka took on the challenge to set an ambitious objective: Reduction of WHO’s fleet cost of operation by 5% within 6 months.

Although this objective might not seem unique, the way Ebuka approached this challenge certainly is as he used a combination of data analysis and driver engagement to achieve his goal.


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