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Invitation to use AlertMeter

Mainspring Resourcing Solutions invites you (free of charge) to use AlertMeter, their tool to detect driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue kills more people than driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In times like this, where many aid and development organisations are preparing for large-scale Coronavirus response activities it is important that fatigue levels of drivers are managed when they are on the road (again).

Fleet Forum is continuously looking for ways for our humanitarian members to benefit from new fleet management solutions and tools. Fleet Forum member Mainspring Resources Solutions offers an exciting opportunity to the members of Fleet Forum to start using the Alert Meter for free for 3 months and thus getting insight in the fatigue levels of staff. and would like to invite organisations to start using AlertMeter.

The Alert Meter is a 60 seconds test to non-linguistic test:

  • Reaction Time

  • Decision Quality

  • Situational Awareness

  • Consistent Cognitive Behaviour

AlertMeter is proven to detect Fatigue

Science has proven that prolonged Fatigue directly impacts health and immunity levels. Low scores on AlertMeter are not guaranteed to indicate illness, they are however a good indicator to prompt a conversation or self-analysis.

If your organisation is interested in using AlertMeter please send an email to: or to get more information about the onboarding process.

If you wish to get more information about driver fatigue, please check out the Fleet Forum webinarManaging driver fatigue' or look at the presentation at the Knowledge Platform.



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