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Save the date! You are invited to the third of Fleet Forum webinar series, funded by USAID

On February 27 at 14.00, we will dig into data analysis. In this 45-minute webinar we will explore the value for organisations, how you can turn numbers into meaningful information and use it for improvement of your fleet management performance.

We’ll be starting at 14.00 (CET) / Spots are limited, so save your seat now!

Register here:

Agenda 14.00 – 14.05: Introduction 14.05 – 14.10: Difference between data and information 14.10 – 14.25: How to use data analysis for continuous improvement 14.25 – 14.35: Present data 14.35 – 14.40: Questions and Answers 14.40 – 14.45: Wrap up

Burning questions about data analysis? Ask them here they can be answered during or after the webinar. This webinar will be recorded and placed on our Knowledge Platform.

Paul Jansen | Executive Director My drive as Executive Director is to realise impact, whether it is the impact that Fleet Forum generates by training fleet managers or the change that we drive in organisations through our strategic improvement programmes.

It is my ambition for the sector that fleet is recognised as a crucial enabler to achieve organisational goals. My ambition for Fleet Forum is that we are seen as a thought leader and game changer in transport solutions in humanitarian organisations. 


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